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Marketing Solutions

marketing solutions that inspire action

Marketing Solutions that Inspire Action.
  • Smart Source’s marketing solutions help put your ideas right into your customer’s hands which drives customer loyalty, enhances brand affinity and creates a plan of action.
  • We offer a complete suite of marketing services that meet your customers where and when they want to engage - and helps you drive marketing programs that fosters brand loyalty. Proven marketing services are used to increase customer retention, loyalty, and brand recognition.
    Effortless Engagement. Unwavering customer loyalty .
  • How to Inspire, Measure, and Improve Customer Loyalty: B2B solutions that shorten the cycle of revenue management between Accounts Receivable and Account Payable processes. The right customer loyalty tactics help you form these longer-lasting relationships with effortless solutions that streamline operations between you and your customers. Best-practice solutions for today’s marketplace that enhance communication for any omnichannel business based on your companies goals, routines, and business rules. Implement automation programs that make you more efficient or profitable.
    Marketing Services:
    • Marketing strategy: campaign design, channel planning, branding, and PR
    • Creative design and execution across online, offline, and digital platforms
    • Coding: email, landing pages, and microsites
    • Database enhancements and hygiene
    • Analytics, reporting, and predictive modeling
    • Email and direct mail campaign development and management
    • Inbound and outbound contact center services, ringless voicemail, and SMS
    • Website creation and management
    • Search, display, and retargeting ad campaign management
    • New product launch strategy
Customer Journey Solutions
Your Roadmap to Success
  • Reach your customers with personalized communications that reach the right people at the right time.
Seamless Communications create Customer Loyalty
  • Engage more effectively with customers and fill gaps in your marketing strategy with Smart Source's Customer Journey Solutions. Partner with Smart Source to benefit from seamless customer experiences, from boosting acquisition to strengthening customer loyalty.
  • Sophisticated marketing technology will target and select your customers for multi-channel campaigns, and automatically drive email, direct mail, phone and SMS marketing. Our team handles all the data and campaign operations for you, helping your marketing become more data-driven and efficient.
Awareness Campaigns
Emotional connections and memorable content
  • Increase brand awareness with designed to get your business noticed by the right people.
  • Make consumers stop, notice, and connect with your brand with personalized awareness campaigns. At Smart Source, we identify the right audience and craft messages that resonate and improve brand awareness.
  • Identify Opportunities with your customer base and create campaigns to grow the value of your existing customers.
  • Increase value while driving revenue. After all, it's all about the bottom line.
  • Upselling and cross-selling takes more than a well-timed email or well-placed ad. It takes an understanding of your customers’ behaviors and preferences to build a solid relationship. Through data analysis, omnichannel best practices, and targeted messaging, Smart Source works with you to uncover new ways to increase the value of your existing customer relationships.
Customer Acquisitions
Turn your pipeline of leads into customers
  • Smart Source works with your team to create the ideal client profile and key target conversions using personalized marketing tactics 1:1
  • Generate qualified leads and acquire more customers.
  • Effective acquisition marketing requires balancing lead quantity with quality. Grow your healthy, thriving business by attracting profitable new customers with a plan tailored to your unique business needs, your current client preferences, and your ideal client makeup. Smart Source can help you get started with more qualified prospects while increasing your conversion rate with multichannel acquisition strategies.
Customer Retention
  • Increase ROI and decrease acquisition spending with better customer retention.
  • Improved retention tactics and a bigger bottom line.
  • It costs far more to attract new customers than it does to retain existing ones. Keeping your customers by investing in customer analysis and scoring, proactive marketing, and ongoing nurturing with relevant, personalized outreach has a dramatic impact on your bottom line. Smart Source is here to help. We’ve assembled tried and true retention marketing strategies in a package that simplifies the work and garners results.
Customer Service
  • Keep your customers happy, satisfied, and coming back for more with focused customer service campaigns.
  • Comprehensive solutions and complete customer care.
  • Quality service is critical to a customer’s impression of your company. Smart Source understands the stakes are high and great customer service creates improved ROI. Enhance your inbound and outbound customer service experience, reduce handle times, and create a first-class call experience for your customers. Put our skill-based success and measurable metrics to work, turn service calls into sales opportunities, and get a complete view of your customer satisfaction.
Customers Come Back
  • Bring customers back into the fold with automated, multi-channel campaigns
  • Win back the right customers.
  • Reconnect with the right customers through targeted campaigns and unique strategies proven to bring your lapsed customers back into the fold. Let Smart Source’s customer come-back solutions help you discover the best ways to get back in touch.
Lead Generation
  • Grow your pipeline of qualified leads with a customized program pulling the very best from performance-based marketing and lead generation strategies.
  • Create and capture new leads to power your business.
  • Successful lead generation is a constant process of powering inbound and outbound marketing programs that identify potential customers and nurture sales opportunities. Smart Source’s full-spectrum approach to lead generation blends the best of strategy, technology, and service. We assess your audience, set goals for lead quantity and quality, and develop a plan to increase lead flow at the right pace for your business.
New Customer Welcome Solutions
  • Build unprecedented loyalty by using customer experience management and building a memorable experience for your new customers, creating a strong connection and increasing brand harmony from the start.
  • Impress and capture new customers from day one.
  • Make a first impression that leads to long-term gains, increased brand affinity, and higher engagement with a new customer welcome campaign. A strategic, well-planned welcome campaign sets expectations for your rich, meaningful content and opens the lines of communication between customers and your business. Create a complete welcoming campaign to help your customers feel the joy you have about this union.

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