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SKU: D63 Compact UV and Watermark Detector D63

Compact UV and Watermark Detector D63
Purchase Compact UV and Watermark Detector D63
  • SKU: D63 Compact UV and Watermark Detector D63

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The D63 counterfeit money detector utilizes two systems of detection: ultraviolet and watermark detection. The upper chamber of the machine releases ultraviolet light to detect UV patterns while the lower chamber releases standard lighting in order to illuminate watermarks on currency.
    Protect your money with this dual compact counterfeit detection system. Check for counterfeit banknotes while simultaneously using ultraviolet and watermark detection systems. This portable counterfeit detector is equipped with two 9-Watt UV lights specifically designed to protect the user from direct eye exposure to the UV rays. Clearly visualize the fluorescence of the security thread in U.S. notes or fibers and other features present in other currencies, credit cards, special documents, etc. Compare the bill’s security features alongside our easy-to-read security features guide conveniently placed right on the machine itself. The enhanced watermark screen allows for easy verification of hidden illustrations. The compact and small design of the detector saves space on your desk or counte
    Great for banks, bars, nightclubs, restaurants, movie theaters and anywhere where fast and low lit cash transactions take place.
    • Compact and Portable Design
    • Powerful Ultraviolet light detector (UV)
    • Large Watermark Detection Screen (WM)
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    Condition: NEW
    Options: UV and Watermark
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    Size: 7W x 4.25D x 4.75H

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