Zipper Wallet Bags – Made in the USA – 5 Star Product

One of the most popular items that we sell is our 5 star rated 11W x 6H expanded vinyl zipper wallet bag. I may be showing my age but I always think of them as a pencil pouches! Did you know that the pencil pouch was first patented in 1946 by Verona Pearl Amoth who invented a pouch to hold 6 pencils? She invented the pouch in order to prevent the pencils from wearing holes in clothing and also to protect the pencil tips. She also invented the removable eraser. A bit of trivia for the day!

Huh? you say? What can you use a zipper wallet bag for? Zipper wallet bags have many uses. Let me tell you the ways! And we are proud to say that they are all made in the USA!

Promotional Products boost your visibility

Need some give away marketing swag for your bank or business? The zipper wallet is a great promotional product and give away item. Our bags come in many bright colors. Add a white or bright colored imprint and wow, does your company name or logo pop! Check out our website totally devoted to promotional products

Zipper wallet bags are perfect for schools

Schools love our zipper wallet bags for their students. Zipper wallet bags are the perfect size for all of their school supplies and lunch money. The River Eves Eagles love our pencil pouches. Because they are so affordable, they make a perfect fundraiser for your School, PTO or PTA.

Use zipper wallets for your cash handling and general storage.

Finally, the most basic use for our zipper wallet bag is for cash handling and general storage. They are perfect for holding all of your currency…bills or coins. Here are just some of the many uses for our bags…restaurant server tips as well as, notary supplies, clear vinyl – employee bags, stadium bags, farmers market cash, wedding survival kits and insurance documents. We are also proud makers of bags for suppliers of Narcan overdose kits.

Zipper wallet bags can be made exactly to your specifications. Need a slightly bigger or smaller bag? No problem, we can make any size bag you need. We do keep non-imprinted 11×6 bags in stock in 15 different colors. Our imprinted bags are made to order and are available with our quick ship service or made to order service. Give us a call. Let us help you with your needs. You can reach us at 1-800-285-6116

New Online Catalog

Coin and Cash Handling Supplies

We are so excited about our new online catalog! It is now easier than ever to shop our product offerings here at Check out the link to the new ONLINE CATALOG:’s New Online Catalog

People ask me all the time…”What types of products do you sell and who are your customers?”  A large portion of our customers are banks, hospitals, schools and government agencies. However, we also sell to the smallest of businesses and individuals.  Cash handling supplies/equipment are our forte but there is nothing better than helping a homeowner purchase a fire resistant bag for important documents or a future bride purchase imprinted welcome bags for out of town wedding guests.  The new online catalog is here to help you find just what you need!


To our banking customers, do you buy your drive up and holiday currency envelopes from us?  Did you know we also sell promotional products and any locking or zippered bag on the planet? Need pneumatic tubes, teller lockers, line control stanchions  and new mandatory signs? We have them as well but, our new online catalog makes it easy to see all of the products that you can purchase from us.  You can order all of your banking needs from one supplier and save! Products are being added to our new online catalog everyday to help make purchasing easier. 


Same with our hospital customers!  Not only do we sell currency deposit bags but did you know we sell HIPAA compliant bags and forms, patient valuable bags, hazardous waste bags, prescription pads and roll up banners?

Can’t find something you need in the new online catalog or our website?  Give us a call at 1-800-285-6116.  We are sure to help you find it and if we cannot help you, hopefully we can point you to someone who can however, our Customer Service is second to none!

25W x 18H x 7 D Locking Fire Resistant Satchel $99 each plus free shipping! Check it out in our new online catalog!