Pneumatic Tubes for Banks and Heathcare

Pneumatic tubes are a fast, secure and reliable way of transporting objects relatively large distances across a building or between buildings on the same site. Many systems use bumpers that bring arriving canisters slowly to a rest at the receiving station. Since they remove the need for a person to carry things, pneumatic tubes save time and money and tend to pay for themselves quite quickly. They also offer secure connections between different parts of a building, reducing opportunities for theft and accidental damage in transit. They are perfect for hospitals, financial institutions and pharmacies. Pneumatic tubes can be outfitted to host and transport any necessary object or material from medical specimens to financial documents and cash.

Financial Institutions/Pharmacies

We offer a complete line of drive-up and pharmacy carriers. Most carriers are designed for 4 or 4.5 inch systems. They come in various sizes, colors, and are either side opening or end opening. Need a replacement part for your current tubes? We have that as well – end caps, accelerator discs, replacement latches, velcro and even the colored stickers for the units. We also carry snap close boxes for Bavis and Trans Trax tube sytems – these are perfect for pharmacies and financial institutions when contents are loose and need to be contained. Our carriers are designed to fit your needs at a good price, long life, and with prompt delivery. All carriers are completely guaranteed.


Make your hospital more efficient with our pneumatic tubes. Transport lab samples or other information through your hospital saving time and money. Hospital pneumatic tubes are made in either 4″ or 6″ sizing. They are available in many colors – clear, colored or half clear/half colored. We also carry a complete line of leak proof carriers. Need replacement parts? We have the replacement air seals, latches and inserts in stock and ready to ship.

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