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SKU: CM-75 Semacon CM-75 Coin Roll Crimper and Accessories

Semacon CM-75 Coin Roll Crimper and Accessories
Purchase Semacon CM-75 Coin Roll Crimper and Accessories
  • SKU: CM-75 Semacon CM-75 Coin Roll Crimper and Accessories

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High Speed Coin Roll Crimping Machine for professionally sealing paper coin wrappers. Available in 110 volt or 220 volt. Crimp Heads available for USA Canadian and Euro coins. Please call for other Crimp Head sizes.

Engineered for Performance and Reliability

  • Semacon CM-75 Coin Roll Crimper provides a high quality security crimp for paper coin wrappers
  • Offering speed, safety and ease of use in a compact, heavy duty design.
  • Built-in crimp head storage drawer
  • Kit includes:
    • Coin Roll Crimper Machine
    • Penny Crimper Head
    • Nickel Crimper Head
    • Dime Crimper Head
    • Quarter Crimper Head
    • Half Dollar Crimper Head
    • One Dollar (SBA/Golden) Crimper Head
              • One year Replacement Warranty Plan included
                Details: Crimping Machine for Rolled Coins
                Semacon CM-75 Coin Roll Crimper and Accessories
                Offering speed, safety and ease of use in a compact, heavy duty design.
                Comes with Storage Drawer.
                Crimp heads can be purchased alone.
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              High Speed Crimping System
              The Semacon CM-65 crimping system is designed to apply a professional closing seal to the open end of pre-crimped style coin wrappers.  It simply requires a couple of seconds to proficiently seal each coin wrapper.

              Whether you are preparing coins for your register draw, preparing rolls of coin to supply to your banking customers, a vending operator who pays your locations with coin or if you are a coin dealer looking to apply that professional look to the rolls of coins you sell, the CM-65 will fill the need.

              It is extremely easy to use.  Insert the proper crimping head into the crimper, turn on the power and press the coin wrapper against the crimp head.  A couple of seconds latter, you have a professionally sealed coin wrapper.

              It's As Simple as
              1, 2, 3

              Semacon currency counter model S-1425 with UV and MG counterfeit detection capabilities

              1) Open the hidden storage compartment, select the crimping head from the sizes you have purchased, and simply insert it into the crimping head mechanism.


              [ crmper with roll ]

              2) Simply hold the roll of the coins against the rotating head (you can touch the rotating head even while it's spinning and it won't hurt you) and in a matter of seconds, you will have a professionally sealed coin wrapper.
              [ Crimped Roll ]

              3) A few seconds latter, the coin wrapper is sealed

              Technical Specifications

              Crimping System

              High Speed Roller Bearing/Friction System

              Power Source USA Model:  110 Volts
              Euro Model:  220 Volts
              Dimensions (W) 280 x (D) 230 x (H) 245mm
              Net Weight 20 Lbs. (approx.)
              without crimp heads
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