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SKU: CCTV2535 Regular Blank Credit Card Sleeves in Tyvek - No Imprint

Regular Blank Credit Card Sleeves in Tyvek - No Imprint
Purchase Regular Blank Credit Card Sleeves in Tyvek - No Imprint
  • SKU: CCTV2535 Regular Blank Credit Card Sleeves in Tyvek - No Imprint

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  • $116.00 / 1,000 Sleeves

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    1-2 $116.00
    3-4 $91.50
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Try these blank credit card sleeves made out of tyvek. 500 Sleeves.
    Details: High quality tyvek card sleeves and envelopes protect magnetic stripe cards from damage which saves money in replacement costs.
    Material: Tyvek, which will outlast paper and other substitute materials.
    Ease of Use: Sleeves slip on your card and fit easily in your wallet.
    Our credit card sleeves hold all credit, debit, smart cards. Sleeve Dimensions: 2-1/4 x 3-1/2.
    Over 70% of Top credit unions are using Tyvek Credit Card Sleeves.
    To Protect the Bank Card: The properties of Tyvek will protect the magnetic strip from abrasion. Replacing cards can be expensive when you add up all the cost of the card, mailing and the card not being used. Members become frustrated and / or embarrassed if the card doesn’t work. “If the card stops working members will switch to another card and we you lose revenue
    Communicate message to your Members: Various messages are printed on the Tyvek sleeves: safety tips on how to use the card and protect your identity, services and credit union prided, locations, number, websites, and QR codes. “If the message on the sleeve helps promote services for a few members, it more than pays for the cost of the sleeve.”

    Members are asking for the card Sleeves: Member satisfaction is our number one goal.

    • Additional responses from other banks and credit unions include:
    • We like to show our members that we care about them.
    • It proved free advertising whenever the card is used, especially at the restaurant when a few close friends are having lunch together.
    • It helps our ard stand out from other cards in our member’s wallet.
    Master cartons are packed with 5,000 regular credit card sleeves.
    Tyvek is a Lightweight, moisture- and rip-resistant material by DuPont.
    Protection: For the best protection and durability for these multiple-use cards, we strongly recommend Tyvek®.
    Condition: NEW
    Country: USA
    Lead Time: Ships 1-2 Days
    Options: Tyvek
Product Review Count: 0
Size: 2-1/4W x 3-1/2H
UOM: 1,000 Sleeves

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Artwork Requirements:

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Why custom print?

  • Great Marking messages and Bank or credit union branding.
  • List of services.
  • Safety tips for members to prevent others from stealing card information.
  • Discounts provided by local merchants.
  • Rewards points-earning programs.
  • Thank you messages.
  • Investment services.
  • Branches phone numbers and locations.
  • Hours of operation.
  • Customized message for your members or customers.
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