Counterfeit Detector Pens 3PK

Counterfeit Detector Pens 3PK

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Counterfeit Detector Pens 3PK

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Performs two separate checks for suspect counterfeit bills. Ultraviolet (UV) cap light checks authenticity of embedded security thread. Pen ink tests the note's paper fibers for suspect indicators. Dri-Mark counterfeit pen reacts to counterfeit wood-based copy paper. Made in the U.S.A. Pens come in a 3-pack, Dimensions: 5-1/2 Inch, Color: Black barrel pen
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  • Counterfeit Detector Pens in a 3PK use an iodine solution that can be used to help identify computer generated counterfeit bills by reacting to starch in wood based copy paper used by most printers. Detection pens are easy to use and require no training.
  • A clerk at a cash register simply uses their counterfeit detector pen to put a small mark on the bill. If the bill is counterfeit and the paper is wood based the iodine in the pen solution will react with the starch and leave a dark brown or black mark. If the bill is authentic and the paper is fiber based the pen will not leave a mark.
  • Pen will not detect all counterfeit bills and should be used with other counterfeit detection methods.
  • U.S. patent no. 5063163
  • Used by so many companies for currency handling and finding fake money fast.
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